Stichting ZonnaCare aspires to achieve its ambition by establishing and maintaining contact with companies and organisations that are directly or indirectly involved in care-intensive children. The foundation ensures the purchase, management, maintenance and loan of movable and immovable goods. Stichting ZonnaCare actively raises funds and attempts to obtain government subsidies. 

New projects

  • Increasing the storage and safety facilities
  • Modernising and extending the Domotica facilities
  • Purchasing musical instruments to be used in the wheelchair-friendly ‘senses’ garden 

Current projects

  • Creating a wheelchair-friendly ‘senses’ garden
  • Providing for structural fuel compensation
  • Replacing the dated minivan for medically supervised transport 
  • Arranging trips in covered wagons (in Dutch: huifkar) provided with beds at Prinses Máxima Riding School in Den Dolder which includes an equestrian therapeutic centre for disabled horse riders.

Realised projects

  • A second-hand adapted wheelchair minivan for medically supervised transport
  • DVD players
  • Canopy
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Outdoor playing days, purchase of a medical cushion to improve posture comfort
  • Care bed 
  • Purchase of new care beds
  • The Albert Heijn sponsor event offers temporary fuel compensation for medically supervised transport 

Here you will find an impression of the realised projects at Children’s hospice ZonnaCare