A pleasant and comfortable overnight stay for care-intensive children

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Our passion for helping sick and disabled children derives from the notion that all people are equal and have the same rights. Stichting ZonnaCare comprises unpaid board members who are committed to the lives of care-intensive children and their parents/carers. 

Stichting ZonnaCare aspires to provide everything that is required to assure and improve the quality of life of care-intensive children and their parents/carers. The foundation focuses in particular on the group of children and their parents/carers that are not easily able to move outside of the home. 

In addition to providing the required facilities, the foundation also offers transport to and from Children’s hospice ZonnaCare. To this end, they finance the purchase and exploitation of a specially adapted minivan fitted with medical and wheelchair facilities. During transport, in addition to the driver, a specialised nurse and/or expert supervision is present.

Both financial and contributions in kind will fully come to the benefit of the specialised facilities for the care-intensive children. 

Stichting ZonnaCare was founded on 8 November 2010. Until 23 January 2013, it was known as Stichting SOUL (Stichting Ontspannen Uit Logeren voor zorgintensieve kinderen).


The Tax Office has assigned Stichting ZonnaCare the ANBI (Dutch acronym for General Public Advancement) status. This provides those private and commercial parties who donate an exemption from gift and inheritance tax.

Remuneration policy

Stichting ZonnaCare has no employees and, therefore, no remuneration policy.